Master Class

 I’ll be waiting for you on

Saturday, April 22, 3-7pm at STUDIO B68 at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City

Price: $100SPECIAL DISCOUNT: bring your friend and get 50% off for yourself and for your friendAll art materials, snacks, light drinks are included

(see the address and directions below)

My Master Class is unlike any other. I do absolutely different things. Using my knowledge of philosophy and symbols and my vast experience as a painter, I help people fulfill their dreams and intentions. I don't tell students what or which way to paint. I guide them through the process, insisting on no concept but their own, leaving them at the same time full freedom of artistic expression. And therefore, no matter what experience (or no experience) with painting one had in one's lifetime, every participant will paint his or her own beautiful painting. The Master Class begins with a meditation that releases our anxieties, and opens up our creative potential. This also allows us to concentrate and discover our strongest intention, the dream we want to come true. Then, under my guidance, the students begin to put their discoveries on paper or canvas. As the work progresses, I correct, suggest, and explain the basics of use of color, composition, and structure, as well as the major elements of art of painting.

Master class Painting Your Dream is a unique opportunity to work with the subconscious using color and composition in order to find out one’s intentions and goals in life, and realize them. The Master class helps to look inside yourself, express your thoughts and feelings through creativity. This is like a snapshot of your own Self. It’s like coming face to face with yourself and helping yourself, discovering your creative potential, and changing with ease your present-day reality. The basics of visual arts are akin to those, on which psychology and process of harmonization of personality are based. Thus, the Master Class becomes a powerful instrument of self-cognizance, self-awareness, and personal growth. It’s an amazing journey to one-self. We leave our dreams, intentions, and hopes on a piece of paper using paints. We add colors and forms enjoying creative freedom.

And the most unique and powerful feature of my workshops is the fact that the students paint their own dreams to make them come true, and after 3-4 hours of each class each student comes home with his or her own Picture of Dream.

I believe in my destiny and spiritual energy, and I believe that we can be working together with you and be those God’s hands that help many people fulfill their dreams.