(JERSEY CITY, NJ) -- People will soon be talking about visual art in a new way. Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) gets decidedly quirky on April 27th when this nonprofit and very eclectic arts organization debuts ARTSpeaks , a complete reimagining of the Artist Talk, which debuts on April 27th from 7:30pm -10:00pm at Merseles Studios in Jersey City, NJ.

ARTSpeaks profiles visual artists in a refreshingly fun and original format. Held in the intimate Black Box Theater at Merseles studios, ARTSpeaks features an interview with individual artists, accompanied by projections of their work. The profile segments are followed by an audience Q&A – but with a unique twist. Audience members are encouraged to write down on index cards “Quirky Questions”—basically anything – no matter how off-the-wall or inappropriate – they’ve always wanted to ask an artist. The index cards will read by an ARTSpeaks moderator, ensuring the anonymity of the person asking the question.By delving into craft, the ideas that inspire their work and their life as an artist, ARTSpeaks intends to create a conversation with artists about art that is more honest and wider ranging than what has become acceptable at the typical Artist Talk.

“This is not some dull art appreciation class, but genuine story-telling straight from the heart,” said Lucy Rovetto, Visual Arts Coordinator, JCTC and curator of ARTSPeaks. “We want to provide exposure to artists while promoting a fresh, and deeper dialogue between community and artists. We want to keep it real and more importantly, we want to discover something about art that we don’t already know.”

Both audiences are artists are advised to expected the unexpected. “The Quirky Questions will be fun and they are meant to have no boundaries,” Rovetto explained. “ARTSpeaks artists are those creative individuals willing to let us look up close and personal at their thought process, work process, life experience, philosophy and the honest, plain truth that goes into creating art.”

JCTC’s inaugural ARTSpeaks features Here & Now by Ekaterina Abramova, who explores spirituality by combining painting and graphic art, and You Make Me Feel by Luis Alves, a collage artist who assembles a diverse range of pop culture imagery to form thought-provoking commentary on contemporary society.

The two artists, both devoted to their craft but possessing contrasting sensibilities, work in entirely different mediums yet each have shown work in high-profile shows and galleries throughout the U.S. and elsewhere, attracting a growing following of art lovers, collectors and curators.