Thanksgiving and Holiday Season with Love.

Русский ниже.

From Artist Ekaterina Abramova

with Love and Gratitude

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, and Thank you for attending my event The Story Of One Painting.

As I promised I am sending you video/slideshow about our event:

It was amazing, a lot of presents and surprises, new and old friends, beautiful energy and happy time together))! Love Life!

Holyday Season is coming soon; and you don’t need to go looking for gifts for your friends and family)), — you can find them here. Find a zodiac picture or picture with symbol/helper for your loved ones, your family members, or colleagues at work. Each zodiac picture is unique, made in freehand style.

Free shipping for you!

Each zodiac is $100. Gold and silver ink on paper. 4x6” (10,16x15,24cm).

Order whichever is yours!

Love & joy,
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Twitter  @Ekateri22440439

От художника Екатерины Абрамовой

с Любовью и Благодарностью

Мои дорогие друзья!

Благодарю,  благодарю, благодарю!

Желаю счастливых выходных в День Благодарения, и спасибо за то, что были на моем вечере - История одной картины.

Как я и обещала, я посылаю вам ссылку на короткое видео/слайдшоу о нашем вечере:

Это было волшебно, множество подарков и сюрпризов, прекрасная энергия, счастливое время вместе))!

Любить Жизнь))!

Скоро рождественские и новогодние праздники и вам не придётся искать подарки для друзей и семьи)), - вы можете найти их здесь))! Выберите картинку с зодиаком или символом-помощником для ваших любимых, или для членов вашей семьи, или для коллег на работе. Каждая картинка зодиака уникальна, и выполнена в стиле живой рисунок.

Бесплатная доставка для вас!

Каждый зодиак или символ - $100. Бумага, золотые и серебряные чернила 10х15 см. 

Закажите себе))!


New painting-transformer Triumvirate and new video.

Painting and music by me and video by Stass Klassen.  


Acrylic, gold leaf, and markers on canvas

48x60 (101x153 cm), 2017

This interactive nine-panel piece could be interpreted and re-interpreted a zillion times over, always remaining the story of love, passion, and relationship.


Ekaterina Abramova presents: new video presentation.

Ekaterina Abramova presents: A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG WOMAN. 

The Temple of My Art.

 invites you to her event The Temple of my Art


“If you want the moon,

Do not hide from the night;

If you want a rose,

Do not run away from the thorns,

If you want to love,

Do not hide from yourself.” — Rumi


The Holiday season is over, and my Art Temple is all set. So I am holding my next event there, in my studio at the Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, on January 25, from 6 pm to 10 pm, and January 28, from 4 pm to 9 pm, — please see the details below.
There will be refreshments and drinks, a warm and welcoming atmosphere of my Temple)) and the presentation of my art: I will talk about my life story, my art's philosophy, images, colors, composition. You'll get to peek into an Artist's mind and, of course, to see many of my paintings in flesh)).
Those of you who couldn't make it to my Studio Warming Party on January 7 because of the snow, I hope you can make it any of these two dates; and those of you who are not around and far away, I hope you can make to the future events.

The event will take place on Wed., January 25, 6-10pm, and Sat., January 28, 4-9pm, at Studio B68, MANA Contemporary


Address and directions:

MANA Contemporary

Studio B68

888 Newark Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07306

Tel.: 201-238-0087


The MANA Art Complex is located just 2 miles from Holland Tunnel, if you ‘re travelling by car; and an easy 8-min. walk from the Journal Square PATH Train Station, which you can reach from the World Trade Center (3rd stop) or the 33rd Street (last stop) PATH Train Stations.

I am looking forward to see you there!!
Love & joy,


Храм моего искусства

 «Если вы хотите луну,

Не прячьтесь от ночи;

 Если вы хотите розу,

Не бегите от шипов,

 Если вы хотите любовь,

Не прячьтесь от себя.” — Руми


Все праздники закончились, и я как раз закончила обустраивать мой арт храм)),  —мою студию. Я наслаждаюсь каждой минутой работы над созданием новых картин в нём.
Хочу пригласить вас на мои следующие презентации-празднования в моей студии в Mana Contemporary в Jersey City.
Два мероприятия сразу: 25 января среда с 18:00 до 22:00 и 28 января суббота с 16:00 до 21:00. Все детали ниже.

В программе презентации будет:
Вкусняшки, напитки, тёплая и доброжелательная атмосфера моего храма)). Также, вы услышите и увидите: презентацию новых работ, я буду рассказывать историю моей жизни,  о философии моих картин, об образах и символах в моих работах, о цвете и композиции.  Вы сможете почувствовать атмосферу, в которой я создаю новые картины и, конечно, посмотреть их в реальности. Те, кто не смогли приехать 7 января на новоселье в мою студию, смогут приехать в один из этих двух дней; а те, кто далеко от меня географически, могут посмотреть фотографии по ссылке и новые посты в блоге после следующих мероприятий. В следующих новостях я пришлю вам ссылки с новых презентаций.

На связи и посылаю вам много любви.





Studio Warming Party January 7.2017

My dear friends,

Thank you so much for coming yesterday to my Studio Warming Party. It was not easy to make. Snow and strong wind made very difficult to walk and to drive. Many of you couldn't make it. And I am very thankful to all of you who couldn't come but sent many great wishes and congratulations, all type of kind words.

The event was amazing actually!

From the beginning we didn't expect anything because of the weather. We thought it could be that nobody would come, but so many people came!!!

Those of you who couldn’t make yesterday can come next week))!!!

Because I will have a second event in my studio next week or so. Will update you all in a few days.


Reminder Studio Warming Party

If you'd like to continue receiving my emails, please add this email address to you contacts:

A Reminder. 

I am happy to invite you to my New Artist Life in the New Year in my new country.

My artist’s studio Warming Party))!!!

Yes))!!! For us artists — it's the party of warming of our art; the party of warming of our new creations. I am honored to share with you, my wonderful friends, my magic space where I started to create new paintings with new ideas coming live on canvas.

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 7, 5-9pm at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City.

Warming time)), warming studio, warming party))!

You’ll get to see recent paintings in flesh)); I will introduce you to my imagery of some of them, we will talk about symbols and life, I will share my life story with you and we will have drinks and snacks.I believe it's a fun program for the first week of the New Year!!  Studio B68Address and directions:MANA ContemporaryStudio B68888 Newark AvenueJersey City, NJ 07306201-238-0087The MANA Art Complex is located just 2 miles from Holland Tunnel, if you‘re travelling by car; and an easy 8-min. walk from the Journal Square PATH Train Station, which you can reach from the World Trade Center (3rd stop) or the 33rd Street (last stop) PATH Train Stations.I am looking forward to see you there!!Love & joy. 

Christmas presents

 Русский ниже. My babies )) - small drawings for Christmas presents. Each of them with a symbols for: happiness, wealth, health, harmony, love, prosperity, help in your daily life and bless. Only $120 each. Let me know which you like most? Мои малышки)) - маленькие картиночки. Прекрасные подарки на новогодние праздники. Каждая картиночка с символами: счастья, богатства, здоровья, гармонии, помощи во всех делах, любви, процветания и благословения. Каждая $120. Какая вам нравится больше всего? 

Power. Love. Harmony. Relationship. 

Power. Love. Harmony. Relationship. 

Love. Harmony with Nature. Helper in your daily life. Right Time.  

Love. Harmony with Nature. Helper in your daily life. Right Time.  

Process of creation. At my studio ESSKF FAMILY FOUNDATION

Everyday I am so excited to be here. It's just LOVE)), LOVE AND ART))!!!  


Finishing a few new works in my studio at MANA CONTEMPORARY ESSKF FOUNDATION.  


I love to be in my Art Temple.  

I love to be in my Art Temple.  

Yes, seriously, this is my art temple. Here I feel absolutely complete. When I am working with new painting I always try to remove myself from the process and let divine energy paint through me.