Event about LOVE

Artist Ekaterina Abramova

invites you to her event The Temple of my Art


“Whatever you love - you are.” — Rumi

Life is beautiful. And it becomes even more beautiful when you do what you love to do. I have three very important things that I need to have all the time: Love, Art, Nature.

To be alive I need love, to express my love I need art, to create art I need Nature. I believe all of us need these things in our lives.

I was traveling for being more with nature, nature always showing the way to yourself. Nature is the best teacher.

What are your three important things in your life? Let's think and talk about it.

I would love to invite you again to the Temple of My Art, to my studio, on June 7, starting 7 pm.

And I believe for each of us Love will be one of the most important things in life. So let's talk about it, let's feel it and let's see it. Let's search for love. Let's share love and speak about love.

I will wait for you with all my love to discuss love. Let's share love, and not problems.

We can influence the world if we are in love with others and ourselves.

This event will be the first event as a discussion. Most of my works are dedicated to love and relationships. I am sending some of my new art works in this email.

Love comes first. And I would love to hear your ideas about the next topic. What can be the next event about?

The event will take place on Wed., June 7, 7-10pm

at Studio B68, MANA Contemporary

Address and directions:
MANA Contemporary
Studio B68
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Tel.: 201-238-0087

The MANA Art Complex is located just 2 miles from Holland Tunnel, if you ‘re travelling by car; and an easy 8-min. walk from the Journal Square PATH Train Station, which you can reach from the World Trade Center (3rd stop) or the 33rd Street (last stop) PATH Train Stations.

I am looking forward to see you there!!
Love & joy,

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Whatever. New work.

  1. Whatever. Acrylic and markers on canvas, 60x48" (154x122 cm), 2016. Artist Ekaterina Abramova's 6-panel piece that could be reinterpreted again and again by changing the order of panels, but that each time remains a whole and complete work of art. And each time we change the panels, it tells us a different story of the eternal Saga of Yin-Yang, Yin-Yin, Yang-Yang... in all of its never-ending variations.



Happy Thanksgiving worldwide!

По-русски ниже.

My dear friends!
Happy happy thanksgiving to you !!!!
This is so beautiful tradition, let's do it Worldwide Day of Thanks and Giving!
I want to say from my heart:
Thank you for being in my life. With you I feel rich and safe anywhere!!! With you my life is complete!!! Thank you for your help and your care!!! Life is a miracle, each minute is a treasure.
 Be always happy, healthy and wealthy)))!!!! 😊

Доброго дня Благодарения

Это прекрасная традиция - День, когда все благодарят друг друга и отдают друг другу. Давайте сделаем этот праздник - Всемирным Днём Благодарения, в наших сердцах.
От моего сердца - Вам!
Благодарю вас, что вы в моей жизни. С вами я чувствую себя нужной, сильной и богатой везде, где есть вы!!! С вами я чувствую себя наполненной жизнью!!! Благодарю за вашу заботу и помощь! Жизнь - это чудо. Каждая минута - сокровище!
Будьте всегда счастливы, здоровы и богаты))!!!


One Dream has already come true! Одна мечта уже сбылась!

По-русски — ниже.

Dear Friends,
It's so amazing to be in NYC and work here.
It was my dream to be in a center of art. At the time I didn't know where it was, and had absolutely no idea that NYC was the center of the art world. Here in NYC, everything seems possible :)
I read about Larry Gagosian in art magazines and art news but never thought I could meet him in person, and talk to him. A few days ago, it's happened! I introduced myself to Larry and gave him my business card. We had a nice conversation.
One of my dreams came true: I live in the city full of art, that is the center of the art world.
I have other big dreams, which I would like to share with you soon. I will keep you updated about the process of realizing my dreams.
Lots of love. 

Доброго дня, 
Я чувствую такой восторг от того, что нахожусь и творю в Нью Йорке. Когда-то давно у меня была мечта быть в центре искусств; тогда я даже не знала, где это, и уж совсем ничего не знала про Нью Йорк, как центр современного искусства. Здесь в Нью Йорке все возможно))!!!
Я читала в различных журналах об искусстве про Ларри Гагосяна, самого влиятельного галериста и арт-дилера мира, но никогда не думала, что получиться познакомиться и пообщаться с ним лично. Несколько дней назад я познакомилась с ним, представила себя и дала ему свою визитку. Мы прекрасно пообщались! Одна из моих мечт ))) воплотилась в реальность — жить и творить в городе — центре мира искусств.
У меня есть ещё много больших мечтаний-намерений.
О процессе воплощения их в реальность я буду писать в следующих письмах.
Любви и радости ))!!!