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curriculum vitae


1996-1999             Vasnetsov College of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia

2007                        I.E. Repin Academy Of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia


2018        Central University of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi, India

Subjects taught:

·       Basic of academic studies of portrait and body

·       Practical anatomy for artists

·       Construction of the face

·       Perspectives 

·       Body movements

·       Construction of the standing and seating figures

·       Sketching

·       Composition: negative and positive space, balance of the paintings

Psychological aspects of paintings

·       Art in different countries, artist in society, mission in art, basics of art business.



Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation, New York, NY, USA

Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum. B.H.University, Varanasi, INDIA

Goa Chitra Museum, INDIA



2018        Exhibition The Windows, Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum. B.H.University, Varanasi, INDIA

2018        Exhibition Journey, MORA Museum. Jersey City, NJ, USA

2017    Exhibition The Nature of Relationship, 3Squared Gallery. Chelsea, New York, NY, USA

2015     Exhibition Expressions of Color, The Gateway Art Center. New York, NY, USA

2014    Woman’s Academy, Moscow, RUSSIA

2013    The Nefta Gallery. Voronezh, RUSSIA

2013    Galaxy. Guttenberg, NJ, USA

2012    Russian Center of Science and Culture. New Delhi, INDIA; Elizabeth Rogers, curator

2011     Embassy of India in Russia. Moscow, RUSSIA

Fusion Art Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

2010    Тilting Art Gallery. Pune, INDIA

2009   Open Air Gallery. Goa, INDIA

 Cultural Center Rossinka. Moscow, RUSSIA

2008   Art Fund International. Moscow, RUSSIA

The German House. Moscow, RUSSIA

Castle Burg Hohenklingen. SWITZERLAND

Embassy of Russian Federation in Switzerland. Bern, SWITZERLAND

2007   Landrasampt. Konstantz, GERMANY

2006   German House. Moscow, RUSSIA

Elena Art Gallery. Central House of Artists, MOSCOW

2005   Bezh Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

2003   Art Business Gallery. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

2001    Arte Vita Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

1999–2001              Embassy of Germany in Russia. Moscow, RUSSIA

2000   German-Russian House. Moscow, RUSSIA

Embassy of Finland in Russia. Moscow, RUSSIA

1998   House of People’s Friendship. Moscow, RUSSIA



2018      Abstract + Figurative. Gallery 104, Soho, NYC, USA

2018      Metallic. The TNC, East Village, NYC, USA

2017Love Yourself. The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2017      Townley Gallery. Laguna Beach, CA, USA

2017      Sitka Gallery. MA, USA

2016    RedDot Art Fair. Miami Beach, FL, USA

2015    Miami River Art Fair. Miami, FL, USA

  Artnado Art Fair. West Palm Beach, FL, USA,

Exhibition Take Your Breath Away at the Victoria Space, Art Factory. Paterson, NJ, USA,

ArtExpo New York. New York, NY, USA

Kolkata Art Biennale. Birla Academy. Calcutta, INDIA

2014    Art India Festival. Nehru Centre. Mumbai, INDIA

Exhibition Golden Age. Russian Cultural Centre. Berlin, GERMANY

Exhibition Innovation of Color. West Park Art Gallery. New York, NY USA

Exhibition On The Right Way. Central Artist’s House. Moscow, RUSSIA

Tumen International Arts Festival. Tumen, CHINA

Exhibition Personal & Universal, Merseles Studio. Jersey City, NJ, USA

Art Expo NY. New York City, USA

Exhibition Artistry at Artery Fine Art Gallery. Chicago, USA

2013    Art Cocktail Exhibition at D.E.V.E. Gallery. Bruges, BELGIUM

Art Biennale. Moscow, RUSSIA

Exhibition Art@Rasia at D.E.V.E. Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

2012    Liber Arte Foundation. Balaton Lake, HUNGARY

State Gallery of Fine Arts. Hyderabad, INDIA

Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre. Delhi, INDIA

Visual Art Gallery. London, UK

2011     A Journey Beyond the Three Seas, Roerich Museum. Moscow, RUSSIA

2010    Art-Yar Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

International Exhibition Eros 2010. Moscow, RUSSIA

2009   Arts Festival Traditions and the Present, Manezh. Moscow, RUSSIA

International Exhibition Eros 2009. Moscow, RUSSIA

2008   Society “Face”, Exhibition Family and Creativity, Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA

Art-Club Gallery, Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA

Orthodox Cultural Center. Moscow, RUSSIA

  2007   Bis Gallery, Manezh. Moscow, RUSSIA

  Exhibition Academic School, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Maliy Manezh. Moscow, RUSSIA

Tretyakov State Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

Awakening, Heritage State Exhibition Museum. Moscow, RUSSIA

Relics of Moscow Region, Moscow Region Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

Award Winner at the Exhibition Philanthropists of the Сentury, Tretyakov State Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

2006   Moscow and Moscovites, Union of Russian Artists’ Exhibition Center. Moscow, RUSSIA

Award Winner at International Youth Forum Exhibition. Moscow, RUSSIA

2005   Series of Exhibitions of Contemporary Russian Artists. ITALY

2004   Cultural Center. Arras, FRANCE

Royal Academy of Arts. Stockholm, SWEDEN

2002   Art Club, Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA

2001    Creative Union “NUR,” Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA

1999–2000              Bagira Art Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

1998–2000              Exhibition Albatros. Moscow,

1999    Exhibition Vakhtangov. Moscow, RUSSIA

1997    Gallery expositions Aktsia, Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA

Club Des Arts Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA

1996    City Gallery. Sergiev-Posad, Moscow, RUSSIA



2018        Exclusive Art Residency at Central University of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi, India

2018 International Graphics Arts Festival-Residency, the University of Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh, India

2016      AVISKAR – 2016 international VAN GOGH AWARD. Birla Academy of Art & Culture. COLCUTTA-LONDON, UK-INDIA

2016        International Art Residency. Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation at Mana Contemporary. Jersey City, NJ, USA

2015        International Art Residency. Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation at Mana Contemporary. Jersey City, NJ, USA

2014        The Medal “Talent and Mission (Vocation)” issued by Worldwide Charitable Alliance Peacemaker, MOSCOW, RUSSIA

2014        International Art Residency at Goa Chitra Museum. Goa, INDIA

2014        International Art Residency. Kalanirvana Foundation. Hyderabad, INDIA

2012        Gold Medal “National Treasure” of the International Charity Fund Philanthropists of the Century, Moscow RUSSIA

2007        The Gold Medal 250th Anniversary of Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

2007        Honorable Citation by the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow, RUSSIA



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